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Typically, the addiction recovery process begins with intake. During this process, the client generally answers some questions and fills out a few forms. At a reputable addiction recovery center, intake is designed to be relatively swift and painless. After intake is complete, many clients need to go through a detox period. Depending on the nature and severity of the client's addiction issues, it can take days for the client's body to detoxify and cleanse itself.

At our drug rehab facility in Valencia, California, Aurora Wellness Center, people can go through drug detox in a safe, controlled environment. Detoxing from drugs and alcohol can cause fairly painful symptoms and extreme discomfort. For this reason, it is often difficult or impossible for people to detox safely and completely on their own. At our drug detox clinic, we ensure that each client can detox in the most comfortable way possible. Since detox takes place prior to rehab, a positive detox experience encourages the client to continue with crucial rehabilitation treatment. We don't believe that any addiction treatment center is truly adequate if it doesn't offer detox services.

In our addiction treatment facility, clients can feel completely safe and in good hands. We only hire consummate professionals with strong qualifications, people who are deeply committed to the wellness of our clients. Realizing that clients struggling to get sober are dealing with heavy stress, our staff members create a calm, soothing recovery environment.

Feeling like a part of a community is critical for people striving to overcome addiction. At our reputable substance abuse treatment facility, clients are integrated into a full-fledged, supportive treatment community. Clients work together to collaboratively create a recovery-oriented environment. For any addiction recovery program to succeed, the client must approach the process with a serious, honest attitude. Rehabilitation involves in-depth counseling sessions to delve into the root causes of addiction. In some cases, these causes are related to childhood trauma and post-traumatic stress. The best rehab centers provide clients with access to caring professionals who empathize greatly and avoid judging clients at all costs. These professionals design treatment plans that are tailored to meet the needs of each individual client.

Dual diagnosis treatment is another specialty offered at the best drug rehab centers. Clients with dual diagnosis are individuals simultaneously dealing with drug addiction and one or more mental health diagnoses. The term can apply to a person with mental health issues post-dating the onset of addiction. For example, people who experience depression arising from binge drinking can benefit from dual diagnosis mental health treatment. Whichever side of the equation manifests itself first, dual diagnosis clients receive comprehensive mental health assistance at our facilities.

Though aftercare is the final step of the drug treatment process, it is far more than an afterthought. In fact, aftercare can make all the difference in ensuring clients stay on the path to sobriety. Aftercare involves many of the same activities that are found in inpatient rehabilitation. However, these activities are spaced out over time and are not performed on an intensive, full-time basis. These activities may include group therapy, one-on-one therapy and 12-step programs.

We strive daily to make our addiction recovery facility in Valencia one of the most professional, well-appointed organizations of its type in the state of California. Into the foreseeable future, we will adapt as needed to keep our facility on the cutting-edge of addiction treatment. We will never allow our uniformly high staffing standards to waver. All in all, we are proud of our commitment to help people achieve the sobriety they so richly deserve. There has never been a better time to take advantage of the specialized techniques associated with modern addiction treatment.


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